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From the Stands Update: Jeremiah O'Sullivan and family safe in Kathmandu

Two weeks ago, ran a story about Portland Timbers fan Jeremiah O'Sullivan, who lives with his family in Kathmandu, Nepal, about how he faithfully follows the team from afar. An Oregon native, the Timbers provide an important connection back home.

After a 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal this past weekend, many Timbers fans took to social media to express their concern for O'Sullivan and his family.

Rest assured, O'Sullivan, his wife Allison and their two children, are all safe in Kathmandu.

O'Sullivan, a librarian at Lincoln School of Kathmandu and his wife who is a counselor also at the school, spent a few nights after the earthquake under a large tent on the field at their school with other teachers and students, but are now back at home.

But the destruction in their neighborhood and throughout Kathmandu, O'Sullivan says, is almost indescribable.

O'Sullivan's school is currently collecting donations for an Earthquake Relief Fund. According to their website: "Money collected will go through a process of thorough vetting of needs to rebuild homes, provide medical and supporting the communities. No administrative costs will be incurred."

As O'Sullivan explained in an email: "100 percent of the funds raised through this account will be donated directly to local organizations we trust and know that are in need. I know there are plenty of organizations out there that are collecting money, but I know for a fact that our school will be giving 100 percent of the donations to those that need it most."

For those willing and able to help, you can donate to the Lincoln School Fund here. You can also donate to Portland Timbers Stand Together partner Mercy Corps Nepal Earthquake Response Fund or to the American Red Cross relief effort.