St. Louis Blues, 4.25.16
St. Louis Blues

The night the St. Louis Blues joined the Portland Timbers in the unique Double Post Club

Though the 2016 MLS season is still in its early stages, the National Hockey League is into the playoffs and the hunt for that OTHER cup--the one with Lord Stanley's name on it--is fierce.

Last night in Game Seven of the first round match-up between the St. Louis Blues and the reigning Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks, the Blues managed to join the unique double-post club.

With St. Louis leading 3-2 late in the third period and Chicago desperately looking for a tying goal, Blackhawks defenseman Brent Seabrook teed up a shot from the point in traffic that went past Blues goalie Brian Elliott and pinged off both posts before Elliott was able to scramble and smother the puck.

Both. Posts.

Sound familiar? 

St. Louis managed to hold on to win the game and knock out Chicago from the playoffs. There will be a new Stanley Cup Champion this year and St. Louis was feeling awfully thankful for those posts. Much like the Portland Timbers were last October in a moment of similar double post power that Sporting Kansas City fans would best like to forget.

Good luck the rest of the way, St. Louis.