Quentin Contreras

Stand Together's first #IST4 winner Quentin Contreras and his commitment to volunteering

This summer, we invite you to share your photos and videos of how you give back to the community. Show us on Twitter and Instagram by tagging @PTStandTogether in your post with the hashtag #IST4. We want to see how YOU Stand Together. This social media contest runs from June 20 until September 9, 2016.

A select number of the participants and their submissions will be showcased on our website. They will also receive team signed items, game tickets and a meet and greet with their favorite player!

Our first winner: Quentin Contreras.

How often do you volunteer?
"Since moving to Portland from Texas four years ago, I have volunteered a couple of times during the year either through my job, the Timbers Army and the Portland Timbers. My employer has various events throughout the year that enables employees to volunteer either during work hours or after hours. With the Timbers Army I have volunteered for the last three years with Friends of Trees as part of the Score a Goal, Plant a Tree program. I have also volunteered for at least one event during the Stand Together week."

Why is giving back important to you? What inspires you to get involved in volunteer projects?
"It is important to give what you can to a good cause. If you have time or if you can financially give you should. My reward comes from the fact that I know I am making a difference in a small way in my community and possibly this trickles even further than that."

In your submission, what volunteer project were working on? How did you get involved in that project?
My employer (Autodesk®) identified June as Global Month of Impact. Our office and other offices globally worked with the ENABLE Community Foundation. They are a dedicated international network of passionate volunteers using 3D printing technology to design, deliver, and distribute free upper-limb prosthetics to children and underserved populations around the world. Our company’s goal was to produce 750 hands to be donated to Syrian children and teenagers in need. On June 23, employees from my office were grouped in teams throughout the day to assemble hands. Once a hand was completed the group was able to customize a unique card for the prosthetic recipient."

If there was one thing you could tell readers to inspire them to give back through volunteerism, what would it be?
"If you have never volunteered, try it! There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer in your community and it really does not have to require a huge commitment. Find something that interest you first, perhaps start small and you can build on that. I think most people that are able to make that first initial step, will see and feel the rewards from volunteering."