Providence Park Update | A new bridge? In the middle of the stadium?

As 2018 begins, the expansion at Providence Park continues. Turner Construction has fully completed the construction of the Tanner Creek Bridge in the center of the field as seen in the picture below. The bridge allows for equipment to travel over Tanner Creek–which runs under the stadium through a tunnel before continuing underneath northwest Portland–without imposing loads on the old brick pipe. The bridge will be able to support the weight of a 200,000 lbs. mobile crane that will be arriving next month which, in turn, will then set the tower crane. A pathway of plastic and steel plates are in place across the field to allow access to the work area without damaging the field.

Installation of the new storm water detention system is underway. This system is an extension of the detention system that was installed in 2011. The system itself is positioned under the concrete apron in the NE corner of the stadium.

Micropiles continue to be drilled along the eastern side at a steady rate with over 50% completed. Where piles are completed, foundations are being formed, rebar is being installed, and pile caps are being poured. The foundations contain over 15 tons of rebar.

Turner has begun to pour concrete foundations at complete pile caps. The columns shown in the picture span from the field level to the concourse level and will later support the new superstructure.