2018 July Scarf of the Month, 7.5.18

Give back with the 2018 Stand Together Scarf of the Month Program

The 2018 Scarf of the Month Program celebrates the three central pillars of Stand Together, the club’s community platform; youth activity, youth education and environmental awareness, all through a diversity lens. A portion of every scarf sold through this season’s program will directly benefit three local non-profits working in each target area.

July’s scarf of the month celebrates EQUALITY – the custom design features a pastel green and gold color palette with equal signs creating a special pattern across both sides. Co-branded with both Timbers and Thorns.

Youth Activity: Street Soccer USA
With a mission to fight poverty and empower underserved communities through soccer. Learn more at http://www.streetsoccerusa.org.

Youth Education: KAIROS PDX
With a mission to eliminate the prolific racial achievement and opportunity gaps by cultivating confident, creative, compassionate, leaders who exceed expectations at each milestone ages 0-10. Learn more at http://kairospdx.org.

Environmental Awareness: Friends of Trees
With a mission to bring people together by planting, caring for, and learning about urban trees and natural areas in the Pacific Northwest communities. Learn more at https://friendsoftrees.org.

Each design is created to spread awareness and recognition towards each focus area and associated beneficiaries.

April: Dig In!

May: Play Hard, Play Fair

June: Stand Together

July: Equality

August: Play on!

September: Unite

October: Dream Big

All profits raised through the Stand Together Scarf of the Month program will be evenly divided between the three beneficiaries.  Pick up your scarf online or at the PTFC Team Store.  Thank you for your support of Stand Together!