RCTID_Thiago, Boston #2, 3.30.19

2019 eMLS Cup experience caps a year of massive improvement for RCTID_Thiago

In a hard-fought and closely contested match, Edgar "RCTID_Thiago" Guerrero lost 1-0 to FC Dallas' AlanAvi in the 2019 eMLS Cup Western Conference Semifinals. Avi, who had two shots all game, scored in the first half on a shot that Portland goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois got an arm to but the ball agonizingly dribbled past him into the back corner of the net.

Pressing for an equalizer, RCTID_Thiago came close in the 78th minute with a mad scramble in front of the Dallas net that Avi managed to clear and then, in the second minute of second-half stoppage time, Cristiano Ronaldo had his breakaway shot saved by Dallas' own Courtois to deny Guerrero.

“I think I played well and I had the better game,” Guerrero said after the match. “He just got ahead early in the first half and then it was difficult once he started to hold the ball a little bit more. I didn’t put away my chances. I had one at the end to tie it and send it into extra time but it didn’t happen so it was a difficult game.”

Earlier in the day, Guerrero bested San Jose Earthquakes Alan “CaliSCG” Ortega with a come-from-behind 3-1 win that saw him score one of the most inventive goals of the tournament. After going down 1-0, on the ensuing kickoff, Guerrero used Luka Modrić to loft a ball from midfield all the way down into SJ’s 18-yard box where Cristiano Ronaldo headed it in for a quick equalizer. Portland went on to win 3-1 and RCTID_Thiago’s playing style throughout the tournament kept opponents on their toes with his unpredictable style of play.

The day capped a 2019 eMLS season that saw RCTID_Thiago finish the regular season in third place, saw him make a Grand Final appearance at League Series Two in Dallas, and tie to have the best record in the day one play here in Boston. For Guerrero, it was a year that showed him that he could compete with top players.

“I’ve improved a lot,” he said. “It took me time to adapt to the different style [of this game]. To having to defend using the whole defense and the whole team. But, I’m right up there with the best now.”