#TimbersX | RCTID Tales | Stories behind the 2020 Axe Portraits, Vol. 2

Earlier this winter, in anticipation of the team's 10th season in MLS, the Portland Timbers brought back their famous axe portraits. Thousands of fans flocked to the stadium to get their portrait taken with axe or chainsaw in hand, to show their love of the team. For many, it was their first portrait. For many others, it was their third having been a part of the 2011 and 2015 shoots.

Almost all of them have a story. As we uploaded and shared all of the images on RCTID.com, we asked fans to submit their tales behind the photo and why they loved their club. 

Here is a look at some of them.


I made a promise to my kids that when the Timbers played in the MLS we would get season tickets. We have been season ticket holders from the beginning and they have grown up cheering for the home team! Now, even though Freddy lives in Bellevue, he proudly displays Timbers colors in his office. Andre, started watching games standing on the seat to be able to see (we are in section 110). Now, he stands proudly each game cheering the team on. To me, the Timbers are all about family; being able to experience it with my kids, develop new friendships with fellow season ticket holders, a clear connection to the town I live in.


Brett A.

I’m Brett Amos and a Timbers & Thorns season ticket holder! My first Timbers/MLS game was a 2015 home game vs. Seattle. WOW, I was hooked right away! The energy and excitement that I soaked up from section 217 was something that I had never witnessed at a sporting event before, and I’ve been to World Series games and 'Niners playoff games. From that mid-summer game and the march to the 2015 championship made me hooked on the Timbers! We love our Ladies too!!! Supporting the Best Women’s Club in the world is something that I take a lot of pride in! The quality soccer on the field during the Thorns games is first rate and having 9 players in the 2019 World Cup proves that. We are looking forward to this season and thinking that 3 stars are in the near future! If you see me at the park, please say Hello! RCTID!



The Shirt. I wore it for the 2011 and 2020 Axe photos. 99% of Timbers MLS players have signed it, also Timber Jim and Timber Joey. Andrew Jean-Baptiste is the only player to sign in red. Zarek Valentin owns the upper right shoulder.