Timbers Army

The Timbers Army (TA) has set the bar for soccer fan support in America. From humble beginnings in section 107 to taking over the North End of the stadium at every Portland Timbers match, the TA is one of the most respected supporters groups in Major League Soccer.

The TA is as diverse as the Portland community, and welcomes all Portland Timbers supporters to the North End. The TA stands and sings throughout the match, celebrating the world’s game with a unique, rich and deep passion that only Portland can provide.

Want to be in the Timbers Army? Then you already are.

For more details about the Timbers Army, visit 107ist.org/timbersarmy.

All Timbers Army sections (101-108 & 202-208) are General Admission and are first-come, first-served for Timbers matches. All General Admission sections (101-108 & 202-208) are first-come, first-served for Thorns matches. Fans without TA or GA tickets will not be allowed into these sections. The Timbers Army and Rose City Riveters GA sections are supporters sections, so many areas will be filled with fans standing, chanting and singing. Visiting Team colors are not permitted in the Timbers Army or Rose City Riveters section and visiting supporters may be relocated to another part of the stadium.

Timbers Army Gate E & Wristband FAQ for 2020 Season
Due to the high demand for the best seats in the Timbers Army and our desire to provide a fair and consistent early entry procedure, we will once again use a system of wristbands to help facilitate early entry at Gate E for Timbers Army fans at Providence Park. Wristbands are not handed out for Concacaf Champions League, Leagues Cup or U.S. Open Cup matches.

2020 Timbers Army Wristband Policies*

  • Timbers Army Early Entry via Gate E will be at 90 minutes, while all other public gates (B, C, D and F) will be at 75 minutes.
  • We will evaluate rivalry and other matches and may extend the ingress and early entry for for those matches.
  • The wristband line will form southbound from Gate C on SW 18th Avenue.
  • Those with Timbers Army tickets may continue to line up 24 hours before the announced kick for wristbands.
  • Tents and other enclosed items designed to shelter more than one person will continue to be prohibited.
  • We will continue to stagger the wristband release times, but never prior to 7:00 AM on a matchday.
  • Early Entry Wristbands are capped at 500 per match and may increase for Rivalry matches.

*These policies may be amended during the season as needed and several exceptions may be added for rivalry matches or unique scheduling dynamics. When there are events during the day or evening prior to a Timbers match, queuing will not be allowed until after the completion of that event.


When will wristbands be given out?
We will distribute wristbands sometime during the matchday, but never prior to 7am PT. This is designed to continue to allow fans who want specific seats to get in line as early as they see fit. Wristband distribution will stop 2 hours before kick-off, regardless of how many remain at that time, to facilitate the ingress process.

Are wristbands available to all TA fans or just Annual Members?
Anyone with a TA ticket for that evening’s match can be issued a wristband.

When will the TA gate open?
Gate E will open 90 minutes before kick-off for fans with wristbands. All other Gates will be 75 Minutes, except Tanner Ridge & KeyBank Club which will be 90 minutes

Why do I have to come so early? 
There is no obligation for fans to arrive early. The total number of wristbands entering early is less than 25% of the total TA population on match nights. There are numerous matches where we do not even handout the full allotment. Fans who arrive as late as 45 minutes before kick-off should have no issues finding seats in the section.

How many wristbands will there be?
We will distribute 500 wristbands for each match. Only fans presenting a Timbers Army ticket for that day’s match will receive a numbered wristband based on arrival order.

Does a wristband guarantee me early entry before all the other gates?
Yes it does – just remember that you must be back in line on time, and in numerical order, before the TA gate opens.

What if I want to get an extra wristband for a friend/family member who isn’t coming early?
Wristbands will be placed on each fan upon arrival; you must be physically present to get one and it must remain attached to your wrist to get early entry.

What happens after I get the wristband?
You can leave the Providence Park area, but must be back in line 120 minutes before kick-off, which is 30 minutes before Gate E opens. If you don’t return at the 120 mark, you are not guaranteed priority entry.

If I have this wristband, why do I have to be here again two (2) hours before kickoff?
The wristband lets you go into the gate that opens 90 minutes early, along with 500 other people lining up in numerical order. Signs with landmark numbers will be posted to help folks figure out approximately where to go when they line up, security will spot-check wristbands to ensure that folks are in the right places. All of this takes a little bit of time, so please be back 30 minutes before Gate E opens.

Where do I go when I come back?
Head to Gate E (the TA gate) and look for the sign indicating the start of your color group. Line up in number order in that area – each wristband is consecutively numbered.

How will wristbands work with the bag-check line?
If you bring a bag you’ll still need to have it searched and your entry may be delayed. The non-bag line usually moves faster, so if getting in quickly is your #1 priority, don’t bring a bag into the stadium.

What if all the wristbands are gone?
You can go to the end of the Gate E line, but please remember people that *do* have wristbands will be returning to the line and will stand in front of you.

Alternatively, use any of the other Providence Park gates that open at the 75 minute mark. These are gates, B, C, D and F. Without a wristband, you will likely get into the stadium just as quickly if you wait and enter through one of these gates.

What if you don’t hand out all the wristbands?
We do not keep wristbands open for dispersal within 2 hours of kick-off. If fewer than 500 are distributed then fans without a wristband will be able to enter at the 75 minute mark.

Once in, can I still save extra seats for my child/spouse/ friend etc.?
This is a policy within the TA sections of ’1 scarf =1 seat’. This means that it’s ok to save a seat for a friend as long as they get to the stadium at least 30 minutes before kickoff but not large groups of seats for a long period of time.

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