Residency Program

The Timbers are committing substantial resources to its goal of providing top class coaching, facilities, and environment with the ambition of developing future first team players and beyond.

To attract the best players and develop future stars for the First Team, the Portland Timbers Academy has developed its Residency Program, allowing talented prospects from out of the Portland metro area to join the Portland Timbers Academy in residency, by spending the school year/Academy year in a team home with a family environment close to the Academy’s training ground.

The goal of this program is to provide players with a home away from home experience while pursuing their soccer goals.

Discovery Program

The Portland Timbers Academy Discovery Program is a player identification and development system to find local prospects for the Portland Timbers Academy while creating stronger relationships within the community.

This initiative prioritizes top prospects, tracks the progress of each identified player, and supplements their development to an increasing degree in preparation for potential induction into the Academy.

The Portland Timbers Academy field pool groups at the U13 and U14 ages that precludes the Academy teams. The pool groups are fully funded for programming the entire year.