Front Office

1844 SW Morrison
Portland, OR 97205

Phone: 503.553.5400
Fax: 503.553.5405

Executive Staff
Sr. VP, Ticket Sales & Services
Joe Cote
Sr. VP, Business Operations & Marketing
Cory Dolich
Sr. VP, Corporate Partnerships
Todd Spear
Sr. VP, Fan Experience and Events
Ashley Highsmith
Sr. VP, Finance
Sarah Keane
VP, Broadcasting
Matt Smith
VP, Communications
Collin Romer
Sr. VP, Operations
Ken Puckett
General Counsel
Lori Le Cheminant
Soccer Operations
Technical Director
Ned Grabavoy
Assistant General Manager
Nick Mansueto
Director, Equipment Operations
Sam Younie
Assistant Equipment Manager
Jack Lamont
Director, Soccer Operations
Spencer Childs
Director, Soccer Operations
Jordis Miller
Head of Analysis
Rohan Sachdev
Team Chef
Richard Meyer
Chef / Performance Dietician
Anthony Dicicco
Manager, Soccer Operations / Player Support Specialist
Tomas Acosta
Manager, Player Affairs and Professional Development
Gabriel Jaimes
Manager, Soccer Operations
Laura Doran
Manager, Scouting and Recruitment
Javier Alvial
Coordinator, Academy Operations
Cale Powers
Academy and Youth Development
Director, Youth Sporting
Mike Smith
Director, Youth Programs
Erik Lyslo
Assistant Director / Assistant Coach, Timbers Academy
Rob Zahl
Alliance Manager & HG Regional Youth Scout
Kyle Steinbaugh
U-19 Head Coach, Timbers Academy
Serge Dinkota
U-17 Head Coach, Timbers Academy
Darren Black
U-15 Head Coach, Timbers Academy
Fernando Pessoa Aruajo
Discover Program Director / Assistant Coach, Timbers Academy
Conor de Rosas Petershans
Goalkeeping Coach, Timbers Academy
Steve Reese
Director, Thorns FC Academy
Tracy Nelson
Head Coach, Thorns FC Academy
Linus Rhode
Head Coach, Thorns FC Academy
Sharla Topaum
Head Coach, Thorns FC Academy
Erin Grand
Head Coach, Thorns FC Academy
Shane Bangs
Goalkeeping Coach, Thorns FC Academy
Maite Zabala
Director of Recruiting, Thorns FC Academy
Laura Schott
Performance Specialist, Youth Academy
Ian Russi
Academy Athletic Trainer
Ethan Konoza
Manager, Timbers Academy Residency
William Watts
Ticket Sales & Services
VP, Member Services and Ticket Strategy
Chris Wilson
Director, Business and Data Strategy
Chris Thompson
Director, Member Services
Traci Miller
Sr. Manager, Premium Services
Jamie Clark
Manager, Member Services
Ali Valentine
Manager, Member Services
Scott Goodman
Manager, Member Services
Shannon Vincent
Coordinator, Member Services
Meredith Scott
Coordinator, Member Services
Josiah Merkel
Coordinator, Member Services
Madeline Geil
Sr. Director, Ticket Operations
Ben Hoel
Sr. Director, Ticket Sales
Dan Gartner
Sr. Manager, Premium Sales
Jason Arellano
Manager, Ticket Operations
Alex Harkaway
Manager, Soccer Sales
Dallas Peyton
Manager, Hospitality Sales
Thomas Beckley
Digital Marketing and Database Analyst
Macy Vrabel
Manager, Group Sales
Chris Randall
Corporate Partnerships
Jack Jewsbury
VP, Partnership Marketing
Sara Morales
Sr. Manager, Partnership Marketing
Jenn Dooher
Manager, Partnership Marketing
Lauren Doggett
Manager, Partnership Marketing
Niki Pappelis
Manager, Corporate Partnerships
Taylor Mounts
Manager, Corporate Partnerships
Peter Quattromani
Coordinator, Partnership Marketing
Jade Walker
Community Impact
Director, Community Impact
Kaitlyn Jones
Sr. Manager, Community Impact
Blair Neelands
Director, Digital Media / Editor-in-Chief
Brian Costello
Sr. Director, Marketing
Marc Kostic
Senior Content Producer
Richard Farley
Director, Content & Social Strategy
Kayla Knapp
Senior Graphic Designer
Kurt Rasos
Production Manager
Erick Alley
Director, Events & Promotions
Morgan Lunz
Coordinator, Social Media
Taylor Morgan
Coordinator, Events & Promotions
Sydney Laciste
Graphic Designer
Maggie Taylor
Director, Communications
Katie Simons
Manager, Communications
Paloma Alatorre
Coordinator, Communications
Jill Farley
Broadcast Announcer
Jake Zivin
Broadcast Announcer
Ross Smith
Director, Video Content
Matt Melander
Manager, Video Content
Austin Webb
Stadium Operations
Director, Operations
Ryan Utterback
Manager, Environmental Services
Brian Kennedy
Manager, Maintenance / Operations
Dave Tankersley
Manager, Facility Maintenance
Mike Keck
Manager, Grounds Crew
Joel Wyman
Coordinator, Operations / Systems
John Burchim
Head Groundskeeper
Jesse Smith
Grounds Crew
Jordan Huber
Grounds Crew
Thomas Schuh
Building Operations Crew
Scott Kious
Building Operations Crew
Chris Ireland
Maintenance Technician
Jacob Ruben-Stahr
Maintenance Technician
Benjamin Sykes
Maintenance Technician
Matthew Teman
Maintenance Technician
Brett Thompson
Assistant Manager, Environmental Services
Niko Maes
Supervisor, Housekeeping
Jacque Rodriguez
Providence Park Security Concierge
Jake Kolin
Taylor Allgood
Special Events / Fan Experience
Director, Events
Victoria Wilhelm
Manager, Fan Experience
Jim Blocher
Manager, Events
Sydney Schimelfining
HR Generalist
Erik Anderson
HR Generalist
Becky Litwiller
Office Administrator
Veronica Vasquez
Executive Assistant
Megan Masterson
Director, Finance
Lauren Overton
Staff Accountant
Logan Chandler
Accounts Payable Accountant
Eric Oso
Retail Operations
Director, Retail Operations
Kimberly Vrooman
Director, Logistics
Keegan O'Keefe
Coordinator, Logistics
Dan Zusman