World Cup Podcast Ep. 10, 7.10.19

Our final podcast of the 2019 World Cup catches up with one of the voices of women’s soccer in the United States and, to circle back on our start, reassembles the team that began our podcast series.

Jenn Hildreth is back home after a month in Los Angeles broadcasting France 2019 for FOX. On Tuesday, she joined us via phone to discuss not only her time calling this year’s competition but reflect on the NWSL, as well as her part in broadcasting the game for Lifetime over recent seasons.

And in the second half of the show, Thorns FC coaches Mark Parsons, Nadine Angerer, Sophie Clough and Rich Gunney return to give us their impressions of the just-passed Cup and explore what the tournament tells us about the current women’s soccer landscape.

Final World Cup Podcast breaks down the tournament with Jenn Hildreth, Thorns' head coach Mark Parsons and more -