Katherine Reynolds, Thorns vs. Spirit, 5.21.16

Thorns FC defender Katherine Reynolds sits down to talk about growing up in the Pacific Northwest, the upcoming Summer Olympics and how she's exploring Portland.

Q. As a native of the Pacific Northwest, what did you enjoy most about growing up in this part of the country? Did you get to experience the passionate soccer culture growing up?

Katherine Reynolds: “My favorite part of growing up in the Seattle area was probably all of the different outdoor opportunities. I love that, without having to travel too far, you can be in the mountains skiing or hiking, boating on Lake Washington, catching a ferry on the Puget Sound, or just enjoying the city. I have noticed that Portland has a lot of those opportunities as well. When I was growing up the Timbers and Sounders were not MLS yet, but I still enjoyed going to their games. Even then, they got a great crowd. I also loved watching the University of Washington’s women’s [soccer] team play, as i aspired to be a college soccer player one day. I feel really lucky to be back home in the [Pacific Northwest] playing professionally in front of fans that are so passionate about the game.”

Q. The 2016 Rio Olympics are about a month away; besides soccer, are there any other sports you are interested in following?

Reynolds: “I love watching all the different Olympic events, but if I had to choose one, I would choose track and field. Track and field has been around from the start of the Olympics and it is such an objective sport. It is always clear who the winner is. I ran track growing up, so I can appreciate how these athletes train so hard for their event, and if even the slightest thing goes wrong that could be the difference between first and last place. To watch these runners compete under such pressure is both amazing and inspiring.”

Q. Being a professional soccer player there is a ton of time off. When you aren’t playing soccer, how do you enjoy your free time?

Reynolds: “During the offseason when I have more free time I have tried to alternate between playing overseas and getting work experience that will benefit me once my soccer career is over. I have played in both Germany and Australia, and I have also worked at an advertising agency in Seattle and a public relations firm in Washington, D.C. After my soccer career I would love to combine my passion for sports with my interest in marketing and business. I also love to travel when I have free time. This past offseason I took a trip with my family to Rwanda and Tanzania, which was incredible.”

Q. We are halfway through the season and you have been living in Portland since March. What are some of your favorite areas you have visited or explored in the city? Do you have any favorite places to eat?

Reynolds: “Some of my favorite places I have visited so far are Cannon Beach and Hood River. I am also really hoping to get to Crater Lake sometime this season. For restaurants, I love Besaw’s for brunch and, of course, Salt & Straw for ice cream. My favorite flavor is Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons. I am looking forward to trying more restaurants now that we have some home games coming up.”