Grand Providence Park Re-opening Weekend | Everything you need to know before you go

Providence Park construction, 5.16.19

The Grand Re-opening of Providence Park is less than two weeks away. Here’s everything you need to know to get you ready for that weekend. We encourage all supporters to plan on arriving early, and taking public transportation, if possible. This page will be refreshed with new information between now and the Portland Timbers match on June 1 vs. Los Angeles FC (7:30pm PT, TICKETS) and the Thorns FC match June 2 vs, the Chicago Red Stars (3pm PT, TICKETS), so be sure to check back to stay up to date.

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An amended Providence Park stadium map can be viewed below to reflect new gates, phone charging stations, merchandise stands and more. Plus, this page includes a variety of important programming and guest amenities updates.

Grand Providence Park Re-opening Weekend | Everything you need to know before you go -

Starlight Parade and Run | JUNE 1
The Portland Timbers home opener on June 1 is the same day as the annual Rose Festival Starlight Parade and Run. As a result, road closures will be in effect for a number of streets in downtown Portland and near Providence Park. Please plan on arriving early to the match to avoid delays.

Many parking lots near Providence Park will be affected by the parade and run. We strongly encourage all supporters to take public transportation, bike or walk to the game if at all possible. If you must drive, please plan on arriving early and parking in an area outside of the parade zone. We advise staying north of Burnside, south of Main St. and east of NW 20th Ave., when navigating the downtown corridor.

Additionally, in celebration of the Timbers home opener and the Rose Festival, any fan wearing Timbers gear who attends CityFair after the match will get free admission on June 1. 

Grand Providence Park Re-opening Weekend | Everything you need to know before you go -

Parade and Run Timing

  • The Starlight run will start at 7 p.m. and conclude at approximately 8pm.
  • The Starlight parade will start at 8:30pm at 9th and Burnside and conclude at roughly 11:15pm. The first floats will reach the Disband Area at Lincoln High School around 9:15 to 9:30pm.

Road Closures

  • HIGHWAY CLOSURE - The northbound Salmon Street exit (2A) off of I-405 will close at approximately 5:30 p.m.
  • The “Formation” Zone will close at approximately 3pm.
  • The “Disband” Zone will close at approximately 4pm.
  • Remaining city streets around the route will close at approximately 6pm.
  • All roads/area will re-open at approximately 11:30pm.

Recommended Routes

  • Arriving from NORTH
    • Take Interstate 5 South, go west across the Fremont Bridge to I-405 south to the Glisan/Everett St. exit (2B); take a right on any street prior to Burnside
  • Arriving from SOUTH
    • Take Interstate 5 North, go west to I-405, and take exit to 4th Ave. (1B) or 6th Ave. (1C); take a left on Jefferson St.
    • Take Interstate 5 North, go west to I-405 to the Glisan St. exit (2B); take a left on Glisan St.
  • Arriving from EAST
    • Take the Broadway or Steel bridges and proceed west on NW Glisan to NW 18th Avenue or the Hawthorne Bridge to SW Main Street, or follow any of the I-405 directions from the North or South
  • Arriving from WEST (US 26)
    • Take the Providence Park/Jefferson St. exit (73) off of US 26
    • Take the Market St. exit (74) off of US 26; take a left toward Jefferson St.
    • Take I-405 north to the Glisan St. exit (2B); take a left on Glisan St.

Getting to Providence Park
The Portland Timbers and Thorns FC highly encourage all fans to take public transportation to and from matches, especially during the grand re-opening weekend.

From TriMet routes, to bike parking, or Lyft pick-up and drop-off zones, view a complete list of transportation options HERE.

An additional transportation fact sheet can be viewed HERE.

Eastside Entry, Exits & Access

The three new eastside seating levels, Tanner Ridge, Toyota Terrace and Duracell Deck, can be accessed by one of four primary gates at Providence Park. These being:

Gate A – located in front of the Providence Park Sports Care Center; exclusive entrance for Tanner Ridge and KeyBank Club members.

Gate B – directly adjacent to Gate A on 18th Ave. on the southern part of the eastside concourse, across from the King’s Hill MAX station.

Gate C – NEW gate on 18th Ave. between Taylor and Yamhill St.; entry is located on the middle of the main eastside concourse.

Gate D – located on the corner of 18th Ave. and Morrison St; entry is located on the northern part of the eastside concourse.

(Note:  The remaining gates, E – F, are designed to serve the north and west concourses.)

Two large elevator towers connect the main eastside concourse with Tanner Ridge, Toyota Terrace and Duracell Deck. Each of these towers, containing two elevators, are located on the southern and northern ends of the eastside concourse.

There are four separate stairwells that connect the main eastside concourse with Tanner Ridge, Toyota Terrace and Duracell Deck. One is adjacent to each of the elevator cores, while the two others are located directly behind Sections 98 and 97, on the main east concourse.

Learn about all of the new food and beverage options available at Providence Park in 2019.

For additional information or specific questions about Grand Re-opening weekend, please call the Timbers and Thorns at 503.553.5550.