Park Provisions story, 5.20.19

PORTLAND, Ore. – Ask fans at Providence Park to rank the most important parts of their stadium experience, the teams and how they’re supported are going to be a clear one-two. Beyond that, though, the creature comforts of a team’s home tend to define the experience, including what fans are offered as food and drink options.

That’s why, along with the rest of the stadium’s renovations, a renewed dining experience is being prioritized at Providence Park. When the Timbers’ and Thorns’ new home has its full debut on the weekend of June 1, fans will see how the club’s $85-million investment changes their supporting world. Among those changes will be 19 new dining locations, a series of new food and drink partners, and local connections intended to bring more Portland staples into the park.

The first change, though, is already known. On May 1, the club announced a price freeze on all existing concession items. In addition, for Wednesday and Thursday night games, “Park Pricing” will reduce hot dog prices to $2, nachos to the same, with 16-ounce cans of Coors Light available for $5. Between July 14 and September 25, the Timbers and Thorns have six nights where they’ll play Wednesday or Thursday games at home.

Among the new features, though, will be a HOTLIPS Pizza location behind section 119, as well as in the Duracell Deck – the third tier of the new eastside. They’re one of the local vendors who will have a new presence in the venue, as is Podnah’s BBQ, who will be selling brisket and pork sandwiches behind section 103 as well as in the eastside’s second deck, the Toyota Terrace. Zenner’s Sausage Company will continue to provide hot dogs and sausages, while Garden Bar will be supplying salad options in the Green Pine Grill, on the eastside’s second level. Tillamook, too – long a local standard within the park – will have an expanded presence, from the Tillamook Grills located behind sections 109, 113 and 121 as well as some new menu options.

Providence Park’s executive chef, Tony Parker, worked with Tillamook to come up with a new nacho offering, Tillamook Bacon Queso Nachos. And the company will continue to have a part in a park staple, the specialty-topped tater tots, which will be back for another season. Beyond Tillamook, Tamale Boy offerings can be found behind 117 in the main concourse, while a new selection of chicharrones, Uncle Tony’s Pork Rinds, will be available at two locations in the park.

Those locations include a new nacho station, Vista Nachos, in the Duracell Deck, as well as La Hacha Cocina, selling an array of Latin-American offerings in Tanner Ridge. Goose Hollow Bowls will also have made-to-order noodle, rice and greens dishes out of Tanner Ridge, while House of 75 will offer turkey and prime rib sandwiches at the same level. In addition, new panini (Rose City Paninis) and grilled cheese (East Vista Melts) stops will be featured on the east side, part of the offerings available from the new, Park Provisions brand that will be serving the venue.

A new walk-in craft bar in section 113, will offer drinks and food, and vendors will now sell beer and snacks in the Timbers Army section in the North End.

As with the food choices, an expanded variety of beer, wine and specialty beverage offerings from local purveyors will be available throughout Providence Park. This expanded selection will include selections from partners Widmer Brothers, Modelo, Coors, Westmount Wine, Underwood Wine, 2 Towns Cider, El Jimador Tequila, Bulleit Bourbon, Wild Roots Vodka, Aviation Gin, Dutch Bros. Coffee, Rebel Energy Drink, Coca-Cola, and Brew Dr. Kombucha.

In total, there are 20 new menu items available at nearly 80 purchase locations. Three hundred people are planned for the hospitality team for each first-team match, with new sustainability projects bringing in new, eco-friendly plates while eliminating straws.

If the rest of the stadium gets an overhaul, concessions gets one, too. From the options to the locations, the offerings to the plates, how people choose, buy and consume their food and drink will change. If the club’s intentions play out, it will all be part of a new era at Providence Park.