Judah Friedlander, Timbers locker room
(Portland Timbers)

The Backcut Podcast: Judah Friedlander

For many fans of Major League Soccer, you may have come across Judah Friedlander as the host of his "Storytime" segment on the excellent documenary show MLS Insider. But Friedlander has been performing as a stand up comic and actor for over 20 years. As the show writer Frank Rossitano on the NBC sticom 30 Rock, Friedlander became well known but he's also had numerous excellent character roles such as Toby Ratloff in the Harvey Pekar biopic American Splendor.

What you may not know about Friedlander is that he is an ardent soccer supporter. A fan of all forms from the international World Cup clashes to NASL to now MLS, Friedlander is a passionate fan of the beautiful game.

While in town as part of his national comedy tour, Friedlander sat down with Backcut Podcast host Brian Costello to talk about his thoughts on the U.S. group draw in the upcoming World Cup, MLS and why Friedlander is the World Champion. At everything.