Portland Timbers predict Super Bowl XLVII | 2014 Timbers in Tucson

Super Bowl XLVIII has all the trappings of a big game. The Denver Broncos bring a fantastic offense to face the formidable defense of the Seattle Seahawks. Fans all over the world will be watching and for the Portland Timbers, there are a few players for whom the other "football" will be of interest.

For Jack Jewsbury and Ben Zemanski, that interest carried over from a squad organized fantasy football team that ended the year with Zemanski as both the regular season and postseason winner.

“There was a lot of things that happened throughout the year,” said Jewsbury in analyzing the virtual “football” campaign. “My team had the best draft. I think Yahoo rated it one of the best as well but with injuries and what not, things changed. Obviously, that helped teams that didn’t have as good of a draft, like Ben, so he came out on top.”

Countered Zemanski, “I drafted the best team. I made the best moves in the season.”

Regardless as to how the season progressed, Zemanski is the reigning fantasy football champion on the team. Who does he think will win Sunday’s Super Bowl?

“I’ve got to say Peyton Manning does it and the Broncos win but I think it’ll be a close game.”

Both players predicted a similar final score: 23-20, Denver for Zemanski; 24-20, Denver for Jewsbury. However Jewsbury’s analysis brings a little regional rivalry with it.

“I feel like Denver will win, first and foremost because of Payton Manning,” he said. “Secondly, it’s always kind of hard for me to cheer for any team based in Seattle. That’s just the reality of it. I’m definitely rooting for Denver even though I’m not necessarily a fan of either team.”

With the Timbers enjoying a day off following Saturday’s preseason 1-1 draw against Sporting Kansas City, the squad will gather together to watch the big game as part of a team get-together.

After the team’s first day off of the preseason on Sunday, training resumes Monday with the next preseason match in Tucson at the Kino Sports Complex on Feb. 5 against the Houston Dynamo (4pm PT, Webstream at Timbers.com).