Axe Society Member of the Match, 3.16.14
Photo by Craig Mitchelldyer

Congratulations to our March 16th Axe Society Members of the Match! | The Backcut

As part of our inaugural group of ticket holders, Gordy and his son Luke won the chance to have a VIP experience for the Portland Timbers vs. Chicago Fire match on March 16th, including KeyBank Club seats, and a chance to visit with Timber Joey on the field!

We asked Gordy and Luke a few questions after the match.

What was your first memory of/first match supporting the Timbers?

I was a ball boy for some Timbers matches back in the late 70s/early 80s. I remember my soccer coach at the time telling us to get the balls back in quick if the Timbers were behind, but do anything (including fighting over a ball) to stall if they were ahead. I miss seeing Timber Jim climb the pole during the matches.

What was your favorite moment of the match today?

The goal was great, but Luke and I agree the passing was the highlight overall. The speed and creativity with which the Timbers are passing so far this year is really something special to watch. Now, it's time to start making that incredible passing lead to goals. 

Who would you nominate as Player of the Match?  

That's a tough call. Neither of us could come up with an easy answer, but if we had to choose, it would probably be Darlington Nagbe. He just seemed to be everywhere on the field against the Fire. He had two incredible "pick-pocket" steals, preventing Fire shot opportunities both times, and was constantly dishing the ball to teammates in order to press the attack. 

What else should we know about your Timbers fandom? Any gameday superstitions? Favorite pieces of Timbers memorabilia? Feedback about your Axe experience?  

Luke and I always have to tap our photo on the giant Axe Society plaque in the concourse for good luck. It usually works. 

I still have my ticket and commemorative log slice from the very first MLS match. That was Luke's first MLS soccer match and it was an epic night. He, however, is partial to the Timbers skateboard deck we were lucky enough to get after a match. 

We're actually still a little but in shock about the whole Axe experience. We knew it would be really fun, but it exceeded our expectations. Luke, of course, would now like that to be the normal match experience. I don't blame him.   


Congratulations again to Gordy and Luke, and thank you for your support!

If you are an Axe Society member and would like to enter to win the title of Member of the Match, please register here.