2015 Fan Axe Photo, 2.20.15

Download your Portland Timbers #Timbers540 Fan Axe photo

Thanks for participating in our #Timbers540 Axe Portraits in earlier this month.
We know the lines were long and appreciate your patience and support. We had world-class photographers who have worked with some of the most famous athletes in the country photographing everyone, and we wanted to ensure every photo was perfect.
Here is the moment you have been waiting for -- your photos. 
To access them, select your day below and download your picture from our team Flickr album. The album is in chronological order, with the supporters who took their photo the morning of the first day, at the beginning.
Feel free to start sharing, tweeting, posting, printing, Facebook-ing immediately. 
And yes, the fan billboard contest is still happening. Voting starts Monday on the Timbers Facebook page. 100 finalists will be selected from all of the photos, and the top vote-getters, as determined by you, will get to be on their own billboard.
Plus, you can help control your own destiny. The more you share your photos using the hashtag #Timbers540, the better chance you have of making the 100 finalists. 
Check timbers.com for more details early next week. Thanks.