KICK's "Reggae Boyz on the Rise | Soccer Culture in Jamaica" features Darren Mattocks

For the Portland Timbers roster which includes five different players from Jamaica (Neco Brett, Darren Mattocks, Alvas Powell, Jermaine Taylor, and Michael Seaton) plus two more on T2 (Rennico Clarke and Andre Lewis), you could say that the Caribbean island is having an impact on the club.

KICK traveled south to take a look at the rise of Jamaica as an international soccer power and the Reggae Boyz' push into qualifying for the World Cup. Timbers' own Darren Mattocks is one of the individuals interviewed plus we hear from Carvel Steward, founder of Harbour View FC which produced Jermaine Taylor and Rennico Clarke. 

Have a look at this unique soccer culture that is producing numerous players all with a population that is less than Brooklyn.