#TimbersX | RCTID Tales | Stories behind the 2020 Axe Portraits

Earlier this winter, in anticipation of the team's 10th season in MLS, the Portland Timbers brought back their famous axe portraits. Thousands of fans flocked to the stadium to get their portrait taken with axe or chainsaw in hand, to show their love of the team. For many, it was their first portrait. For many others, it was their third having been a part of the 2011 and 2015 shoots.

Almost all of them have a story. As we uploaded and shared all of the images on RCTID.com, we asked fans to submit their tales behind the photo and why they loved their club. 

Here is a first look at some of them.


This is us! We’re a family that loves our Portland Timbers. Attending the games is our favorite family activity. At 2 months old Jayden (age 9) experienced his first game and it must have seeped into his body because today he is a very gifted soccer player. And at 2 months old Beckett (age 4) experienced the 2015 championship. It’s not just the love of soccer it’s everything it represents: the passion, enthusiasm, team work, community, dedication, energy, kindness, determination, grit, leadership, fun, humility, humbleness, friendships and the family bonds. It teaches us to strive for excellence on and off the field and to put our best foot forward every day. This is us, we’re a Timbers family 💚💛⚽️ It’s been an exciting 10 years and we can’t wait for what’s in store for the next 10 years.



This represents three generations of Timbers fans, the first starting in 1975!



I need to work on my sneer more, but I like the double axes to symbolize 10 years in MLS! I’ve been following the Timbers since their 2nd season in the NASL back when it was PGE Park. When the NASL folded, my younger brother Jimmy (who I used to take to Timbers games as a wee lad) took the torch & followed the reborn Timbers in the USL and slowly got me interested again, especially in the Timbers Army & the family camaraderie. Surprisingly in August 2011, after the Timbers were promoted to MLS, I suffered a Sudden Cardiac Arrest and survived due to my daughter (15 at the time) having the wisdom to flag down a FedEx driver who called 911 and my wife taking over everything until I could recover. A BIG part of my recovery was continuing to attend Timbers matches when I was strong enough, and having the support of my brother and everyone else in our growing group. For this and many other reasons I raise the double axes to salute the Timbers for always being a part of my life! #RCTID