#TimbersX | RCTID Tales | Stories behind the 2020 Axe Portraits, Vol. 3

Earlier this winter, in anticipation of the team's 10th season in MLS, the Portland Timbers brought back their famous axe portraits. Thousands of fans flocked to the stadium to get their portrait taken with axe or chainsaw in hand, to show their love of the team. For many, it was their first portrait. For many others, it was their third having been a part of the 2011 and 2015 shoots.

Almost all of them have a story. As we uploaded and shared all of the images on RCTID.com, we asked fans to submit their tales behind the photo and why they loved their club. 

Here is a look at some of them.


Rain or Shine since 1975. First time I saw the Timbers and Clyde Best was back in 1978…..when it was still the Civic Stadium and they were making their run for the conference finals. Fell in love with them again and the Army when I saw them unveil their breathtaking “Morton Salt Girl” inspired tifo at the 2013 MLS season opener against the New York Red Bulls. Had this PDX inspired knitted dress just for the games.


Rachel G.

I recently retired and I hail from Phoenix, AZ. I love competitive sports; and these Timbers are competitive. Every game I’ve attended makes my hair stand with excitement, a desire to grab war paint for when I walk into this park with pride followed closely by exhilaration. #RCTID



Player, coach and fan since the 1970’s as a kid. We used to get dropped off at then Civic Stadium and as 8-9 year olds we’d watch the games and run around. Fast forward to the MLS Timbers and first my kids and I and now my wife and I walk through Forest Park from the Zoo and enjoy the match.