On the Pitch | Adrianna Franch and Mallory Weber talk inspirations and sports heroes

Franch Weber

Every player has a different experience throughout their career, and a different reason they enjoy playing soccer. We sat town with members of the Portland Thorns FC to learn who and what has shaped their history with the game.

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<a href="/players/Mallory-Weber"><strong><em>Mallory Weber</em></strong></a>
<strong><em>What do you love most about soccer?</em></strong>
<p>The fact it’s not a high scoring sport and you really have to appreciate the buildup and cherish each goal</p>
<p>The competitiveness, teammates and everyone’s passion for the game</p>
<strong><em>Who was your favorite sports hero growing up?</em></strong>
<p>Michael Jordan and Briana Scurry</p>
<p>Mia Hamm</p>
<strong><em>What’s your go-to pregame music you like to listen to?</em></strong>
<p>Lil Jon, R. Kelly and Mario Radio on Pandora to dance a little then I slow it down to Tank Radio to calm the mind</p>
<strong><em>Who inspires you?</em></strong>
<p>People around me who treat others with so much kindness and respect while having this drive to better themselves every day.</p>
<p>My mom</p>
<strong><em>What was the first position you played?</em></strong>
<p>Forward / Goalkeeper</p>