Behind-the-Scenes of the Rose City Riveters' shield-making tifo project for the Thorns FC opener

Ahead of Thorns FC's 2-0 win over the Orlando Pride Saturday, their stalwart supporters group, the Rose City Riveters, once again created an impressive display.

Honoring the team's 2016 NWSL Shield trophy–the actual shield of which was presented to the team before the match–the Riveters unfurled a massive banner image of three Amazonian-like warriors crouched behind shields while fans in the North End stands each held a custom-made shield with a unique design. The custom shield images ranged from a House Stark direwolf sigil from the HBO show Game of Thrones, to a PBS' logo, to the Ghostbusters logo, to Batman, Captain America, Hello Kitty and much more. Watch the fan-created video above to see how they made them.